TFCI NEWS: Spiti Valley

TFCI NEWS: Tourists will be able to visit the Spiti Valley from February 17, know what are the new rules

The statement issued by The Spiti Tourism Society also said that the valley has been deserted for the past one year. The Valley is set to welcome tourists after a reduction in the number of Corona virus infectives and the government starting a vaccination campaign.

Uttarakhand, the land of the gods, is bringing great news for tourists. According to the news, after a long time, from February 17, Spiti Valley will be opened to tourists. This is confirmed by an official statement issued by The Spiti Tourism Society, stating that panchayats, travel agents, Mahila Mandals, hotel honours and social leaders jointly supported the Spiti Valley to promote tourism.

Has decided to open. The statement issued by The Spiti Tourism Society also said that the valley has been deserted for the past one year. The valley is once again set to welcome tourists after the Coronavirus has reduced the number of infected and the government has started a vaccination campaign. However, guidelines have been prepared to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Tourists have to follow the rules.

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Let’s know the guidelines

Visitors will not be allowed to enter the Kibber and Kibber Wildlife Habitat. Villagers have not allowed tourists to come and stay in the village during the Corona period.

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RAT / RT-PCR test is mandatory for all tourists visiting Ghati. This test will be considered valid in the authorized lab or hospital. It will be the responsibility of the tour operators to bring only tourists with RAT / RT-PCR test to the valley.

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The RAT / RT-PCR test will be valid only 72 to 96 hours before reaching the valley

  •  The only tourists coming to the Spiti Valley, tourists accompanying the driver will have to report for a rapid test at the government hospital.
  • Hotels and people staying at home have to ensure that the tourists are completely healthy and no symptoms of flu etc. have been found in the tourist. Only then the entry should be allowed.
  • At any cost social distance has to be followed at all times. It is mandatory for the tourists to wear masks at the exit from the place of stay.
  • Teachers have to take care of themselves and the health and safety of the local people.

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