Gomti is shining brightly on the tourist map

TFCI News: Gomti is shining brightly on the tourist map

This time due to Corona infection, foreign tourists kept a distance from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and natural nature here. This is the reason why income from foreign guests could not be made this time. The revenue of Pilibhit tourism is bound to be satisfied by the income from the tourists coming from local and other districts.

The brunt of the infection felt that even after two and a half months the tourist session has not been able to record the arrival of any foreigner. Despite this, more than five thousand tourists have admired the beauty of Chuka.

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Pilibhit tiger reserve travellers increased

The Tiger Reserve had suffered a lot due to the closure of the last tourist season in the middle of Corona infection. Officials made full preparations in this session to complete last year’s deficit. This was the reason that this time the tourist session was started from 1st November. Something different happened as the officers intended.

Apart from the local tourists, tourists are coming from other states but due to infection, the movement of foreign guests has stopped. Missing distance from foreign guests is reducing the income of the department. Here the tourists coming from local and other states are not backing down to fulfil this shortage of the department. If we talk about the last session, this time more people have come here than before and income has also increased.

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Along with tigers, other wildlife increased the importance of tourism

The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has a centre of attraction where the most beautiful wildlife is here. The presence of other tigers is also right here along with a good number of tigers. While Naukaig view of Chuka has increased the value and pride of PTR in the country and abroad, wildlife has also made a distinct identity here. Didar of rare species of wildlife attracts people.

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Gomti ascension site is also attracting

Pilibhit now cherishes the mythology and recognition of the site of Gomti ascension with Chuka. Along with Chuka, the beauty of Gomti is engraving the district on the tourist map. Shaan Gomti of the capital Lucknow is also decorated with a grand look for the tourists. At present, the place of origin is no less than a tourist site. Amidst the rays of the rising sun, Lalika, who is seen in the river water, is convincing the people.

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