Kullu Manali

TFCI News: Best tourism destination Kullu Manali

The main tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh, are quite popular among tourists for their natural grandeur and sights, the journey to Kullu and Manali seems beyond the opportunities of adventure. Kullu, is believed to be suitable for the city deities, which makes the tourist feel pleasantly surprised by its diversity. And in Manali, what you see is the same, the snow-capped mountains shining like silver, the rippling lakes in a melodious voice, the waterfalls descending from the white water, the beautiful scenery of the beautiful green valleys that are driving you crazy, so Himachal The state is called the land of the gods.

Why Kullu is unique?

There are many beautiful tourist destinations in Kullu for sightseeing, the Great Himalayan National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gurudwara in Manikaran village of Kullu is the most famous place for tourists. Here it is believed that hot sulfur springs have therapeutic properties. Kasol, popularly known as Mini-Israel, attracts a large number of Israeli tourists, who are fascinated by the beautiful scenery of Kasol. Kasol is the best place for honeymoon,

The Banjar River, about 2 hours from Kullu, and the Shoja Valley on the other side, which is a sight to behold, is truly an earthly paradise. It is also a favorite place for adventurous tourists. Bijli Mahadev Temple The beautiful views of Kullu valley are very captivating, which attracts all kinds of tourists.

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Why Manali is among the best tourism destinations?

Manali is one of the best tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, the first choice of tourists from all over the world, with a honeymoon and a popular holiday destination. Manali is surrounded by cedar forests, rivers and evergreen snow-capped peaks. There are many tourist attractions here, the biggest tourist attraction of Manali is Rohtang Pass, which is located about 51 km from Manali. Attracts activities such as paragliding, skiing and trekking.

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For tourists, Solang Valley, which is about 13 km from Manali, is a great place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Another tourist attraction in Manali is the Hadimba Devi Temple, a four-tiered pagoda style wooden and stone structure. You can also visit Naggar Castle, about 22 km from Manali. There are many monuments that remind you of your glorious past, there are other places to see during your Kullu Manali visit, including Nehru Kund, Jagat Sukh Gaon, Manali Wildlife Sanctuary and Mountaineering Institute. You can walk around The Mall.

Popular Tourist Places in Kullu Manali

Popular tourist attractions in Kullu Manali are a wonderful opportunity to thrill you. From the Great Himalayan National Park of Kullu, to the breathtaking views of Kasol, or the Beas River flowing in a melodious voice, the peace of mind at the Hadimba Temple, the bustle of the Mall Road or the beautiful valleys of Manali all make your trip memorable.

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Hadimba Temple Kullu Manali

Hadimba Temple is a historical monument, built in the 16th century, one of the best places to visit in Manali, Hadimba Temple is located on a hilltop in Manali, located in the middle of a beautiful cedar forest. This ancient temple is very important because it is associated with the faith of the local people. Millions of tourists from home and abroad come to the temple to seek the blessings of Goddess Mother Hadimba. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, who was the strongest wife of the Pandava brothers, Bhima. According to Hindu mythology, Vishal Hadimba practised enlightenment in this region. Then the almighty Goddess Mother Durga gave her the place of the Goddess, whose footprint of 10 cm is preserved at the entrance of the temple.

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Goddess Hadimba used to meditate in the perimeter of the temple, where a statue of the deity is placed, which rises to a height of 60 cm. This temple was built by Raja Bahadur Singh in a typical architectural style. There is also a temple of Ghatotkach in the temple complex, Ghatotkach is the son of Bhim and Hadimba and is a war hero of Mahabharata, whose idol is mainly made of wood and is located at a distance of 70 meters from Hadimba temple.

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Rohtang Pass Manali Rohtang Pass

One of the most spectacular sights in the Kullu region is the Rohtang Pass. This picturesque pass is located at an altitude of 39 km from Manali on the Manali Keylong Highway, about 51 km away. This mountainside is so beautiful that people from all over the country visit this place to practice adventure sports like skiing, ice skating, paragliding, etc. Rohtang Pass is open to tourists from April to October. This road is under the surveillance of the Indian Army. In winter, the road is covered with snow, which is later cleared.

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The same road for Rohtang Pass, which connects Manali to Leh Ladakh (State of Jammu and Kashmir). It attracts more than 2.5 million tourists every year. The route is completely covered with snow in winter. , Experience adventure sports like paragliding, snowmobiling, etc.

Jagat Sukh Mandir Manali Himachal Pradesh

Jagatsukh Temple is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, located at the northern end of the Kullu Valley, in a small town only 6 km south of Manali. Jagatsukh Temple, famous for its ancient history, is a Shiva temple built in Shikhar style, also called Jagatsukh Shiva Temple. Surrounded by picturesque valleys and high snow-capped mountains, the temple offers wonderful views during the winter.

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Being a Hindu pilgrimage site, it is very popular in Celanio, where newlyweds visit Lord Shiva’s Ashirwad Lane, this place is also known as an ideal honeymoon destination, and many tourists visit Lord Durbar. , So that the beauty of this place can be enjoyed with peace of mind. Jagatsukh was the former capital of Manali and is currently the largest city in Kullu district. This is the famous temple of Lord Shankar, which is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva.

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Vashisht Temple Kullu Manali

Vashisht is a small town located about 3 km from Manali, on the other side of the river Beas. This beautiful city is famous for its magnificent waterfalls and Vashisht Temple, this Prasid Temple is right next to the waterfalls. The view of this temple near the beautiful waterfalls is very beautiful. It is believed that the water of this spring has great healing powers, which can cure many skin diseases and other infections. The water of these springs is hot, Vashishta city is also home to many temples, which are dedicated to a local saint Vashishta and Lord Rama. This place has fresh air and pure atmosphere, millions of foreign tourists come to bow their heads to seek the blessings of the deity enthroned in the temple.

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Rahala Falls in Kullu Manali

The impressive Rahla Falls is at an altitude of 8,500 feet and is located on the road near Rohtang at an altitude of about 30 kilometres from Manali. Every tourist who visits Rohtang Pass stops here to see the natural beauty of the place and enjoys the view of Rahla Falls. This place of the photographer is like a paradise, adventurous tourists enjoy walking on icy cliffs here, the view of white snow falling from the mountains here is soothing, and tourists enjoy the melting snow from the glaciers.

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Rahla waterfall is the result of melting of glaciers, so the water of this waterfall is extremely cold. Here everyone wants to spend time amidst dense forests of cedar, silver birch trees and fresh, fragrant air. This place is easily accessible from Manali, you can also travel by bus, car, bike to get here. The view of this place is really pleasant, and gives peace of mind to the tourists. The pleasant climate and wonderful atmosphere make it one of the best attractions of Manali.

Kothi Village in Kullu Manali

Kothi is a beautiful village of Manali, 16 km from Manali. Is located at a distance of. Which is at an altitude of 2500 m above sea level. Kothi is an impressive place, located on the coastal area near Rohtang, about 12 kilometres from Manali, at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level. This beautiful village offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and glaciers and the Beas River, passing through narrow ghats. Kothi town is a great place for tourists who want to climb Rohtang Pass on foot. Scenes of majestic places of Kothi have been filmed in many Bollywood movies, many great poets, writers and painters have decorated this beautiful scene of nature with their pens.

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Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary is a Parishad place of Manali, this home of wild hill animals is one of the sights of Wildlife Sanctuary Manali. This amazing sanctuary is located about two kilometres from the main city and covers an area of ​​3,180 hectares. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1954. The Manali Wildlife Sanctuary includes animals like Himalayan black bear, musk deer, flying fox, striped hyena, Himalayan tahr, deer, Indian rivet. Palms, serums, Himalayan yellow-necked martyrs, and squirrels flying in Kashmir. . Here you can also see endangered animals like leopards, brown and white bears. The best time to visit this wonderful place is during winter when the surroundings are more lively and pleasant.

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Raghunath Temple Kullu Manali

Kullu is often referred to as the “Valley of the Gods” as it contains many temples, reflecting the rich culture of Himachal Pradesh. Raghunath Temple is an ancient Parshid temple, located at an altitude of 2056 m above sea level. This Prasid temple is one of the main attractions in Kullu, and it is dedicated to Lord Rama. This majestic temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh in 1660. In this temple, the idol of Lord Shri Ram ji is enthroned, whose divine view is very captivating, the travellers come here and feel at ease. The serene nature here captivates the minds of the tourists, the best time to visit Raghunath Temple is during the autumn season.

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